W. Sandner (Invited):
Overview for the Ultrahigh Intensity Laser Development Effort in Europe

C. Haefner (Invited):
System Development for a 4 PW Capability at the National Ignition Facility

C. Dorrer:
Characterization of Highly Dispersive Components using Direct Instantaneous Frequency Measurements

A. Galvanauskas (Invited):
Coherent combination of fs pulses from fiber amplifiers

D. Dumitras (Invited):
50 years of laser research in Romania


F. Wagner:
A compact temporal-contrast boosting module for the PHELIX petawatt laser facility


C. Barty (Invited):
Overview for the Ultrahigh Intensity Laser Development Effort in North America

N. Hopps (Invited):
Orion Facility Status Update

P. M. Paul:
Latest results on ultra high dynamic third order cross-correlator for 10^(-14) Ultra High Contrast Laser

J. Dawson (Invited):
High Average Power Fiber Laser Systems and Diode
Pumping for Accelerator Applications

R. Dabu (Invited):
Evolution of high-power femtosecond lasers capabilities in Romania


C. Hooker:
Investigation of the contrast pedestal in femtosecond Tisapphire laser pulses


H. Azechi (Invited):
Overview for the Ultrahigh Intensity Laser Development Effort in Asia

A. Kuzmin:
300 J Ndglass laser with pulse repetition rate of 1 shot per 1 minute

U. Eisenbarth:
Optifocus - A reference-free focal spot optimization method using adaptive optics

L. Zapata:
nergy and Average Power Scaling of Chirped-Pulse Amplifiers

D. Ursescu
Progress at the multi-PW ELI-NP laser facility


L. Meignien:
Fiber based modulator systems at 1053 nm for ‘shaped’ long pulse on LULI2000

M. Hornung:
Intensity and contrast improvements of the diode-pumped laser system POLARIS

A. Kosuge:
Diode-pumped 1.2 ps mode-locked Nd3+-doped mixed scandium garnets ceramic laser

M. Zamfirescu:
Material processing by ultrashort laser pulses


Coffee break

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T. Kühl:
Laser acceleration in the radiation-pressure-regime from ultra-thin polymer foils

N. Bonod (Invited):
Recent advances in high damage threshold diffraction gratings for pulse compression applications

H. Howard (Invited):
An Improved Cleaning Method to Enhance the Damage Threshold of MLD Gratings

T. Tajima (Invited):
IZEST and the Intensity Frontier



B. Ramakrishna:
MeV ion acceleration from ultra-high intense laser matter interaction and their applications



A. Korzhimanov:
Generation and acceleration of high-energy mid-Z ions by petawatt-class laser systems in structured targets

J. Qiao:
Design and Analysis of a Meter-Size Deformable Multilayer-Dielectric-Grating–Based Compressor for Kilojoule, Petawatt Laser Systems

J. Shao (Invited):
High-damage-threshold coating design and characterization for short-pulse laser

G. Korn (Invited):
Overview of ELI Project



Z. Harman:
Laser acceleration of high-quality ion beams for cancer radiotherapy

J. K. Crane:
Precision Alignment Techniques for Eight Parallel Compressors on the National Ignition Facility



J. Bin:
Laser-driven nanosecond proton source and its applications

Time dedicated to exhibition

O. Utéza:
Laser damage and ablation in ultrashort pulsed regime - test bench, measurements and applications

M. Kuzmina:
Experimental study of laser radiation propagation in cubic
nonlinear medium with linear birefringence



Laser Shaping and Efficient Proton Acceleration by a Plasma Lens

J. Bromage:
Optical Coatings for Ultra-Intense OPCPA Systems

M. Krishnamurthy:
Ionization Dynamics of Laser Driven Nanoclusters



S. Steinke:
Stable Laser Ion Acceleration in the Light Sail Regime

E. Chowdhury:
Pulse-width Dependent femto-second Laser Damage Threshold Measurements for Substrate Etched Pulse Compression Gratings

G. Mourou (Invited): Laser-Based High Energy Physics - Exa-Zettawatt Peak Power and Megawatt Average Power Pursuit




V. Samarkin:
Large Scale Deformable Mirror Based on Bimorph and Stack Actuators









A. Sergeev (Invited):
Prospects of PEARL-10 and XCELS Laser Facilities

T. Jeong (Invited):
1.5-PW TiSapphire Laser System and High Field Science

J. Hein:
High-Energy Diode-Pumped Burst-Mode fs-Laser with Cryogenic Cooling

Excursion to Histria



L. Mikheev:
Hybrid (solid or gas) blue-green fs laser systems - proof-of-principle experiments


P. Yuan:
Tunable high-power femtosecond mid-infrared pulses generated by a long-wavelength-seeded OPCPA


C. Le Blanc (Invited):
Apollon-10P: Status and implementation

A. Ricci:
XPW Generation of high-fidelity few-cycle pulses at 2 μm


Y. Fujimoto:
Development on ultra-broad band high intense laser propagation optics for exa-watt laser

I. Musgrave:
Development of novel optical probes for the Vulcan Petawatt Facility


J. Kawanaka:
Conceptual design of Sub-Exa-Watts OPCPA System

M. Kalashnikov:
Temporal contrast above 10^(11) with Double CPA technique

Y. Nakata:
Current Status of the LFEX Laser


Z. Wei:
Generation of high contrast 1053nm laser pulse based on non-collinear optical parametric amplification

H. Kiriyama:
Generation of high-contrast, petawatt-class laser pulses with a OPCPA or Ti:sapphire hybrid laser system using a double CPA and...

I. Doudet:
Adaptive Optics loop implementation and optimization for petawatt laser facilities


L. Veisz (Invited):
Sub-5-fs Multi-TW OPCPA Development

W. Leemans (Invited):
The BELLA system and facility

S. Bahk:
An Anamorphically Imaged Programmable Beam-Shaping System for High-Power Lasers


H. Furuse:
1 J, 100 Hz, Sub-ns DPSSL Development Using Cryogenic YbYAG or YAG Composite Ceramics for OPCPA


Coffee break

C. Simon-Boisson:
Technology breakthroughs for high repetition rate PetaWatt Ti:Sa Lasers

Coffee break


Coffee break


Z. Sheng (Invited)  :
Upper limit power for self-guided propagation of intense
lasers in plasma

R. Lopez-Martens (Invited):
Attosecond pulses from plasma mirrors


F. Giambruno:
Design and realization of a spectral filter to compensate spectral gain distortions in Apollon-10P TiSa amplifiers


T. Ditmire (Invited):
Toward the Development of Rep-Rated Multi-PW Lasers

Z. Wei:
High contrast PW Tisapphire laser with a combined scheme of DCPA and NOPA

O. Delmas:
Oscillator-regenerative laser cavity frequencies tuning for efficient Soft-X-ray Laser Operation


S. Banerjee:
DiPOLE - A Scalable Pump Laser for Multi-Hz Petawatt Systems

A. Rousse:
Laser-based Betatron and Compton x-ray beams


A. Klenke:
Towards ultra-high intensity pulses with fiber laser systems

J. Biegert:
cycle, 160 kHz, 2W, CEP stable mid-IR OPCPA

D. Ros:
LASERIX : an european intense laser facility for devlopments of soft X-Ray lasers and EUV sources for applications


E. Gaul:
The Texas Petawatt Laser and current Experiments

C. Dorrer:
High-Damage-Threshold Beam Shaping Using Optically Patterned Liquid Crystal Devices

D. Ursescu:
X-Ray Lasers Pumped With 1 Long and 2 Short Pulses


M. Galimberti:
Technology Development for Multi-PW OPCPA Based Laser System

J. Zuegel:
Design and Status of an Energy Upgrade to the Multi-Terawatt Laser at the University of Rochester’s Laboratory for Laser Energetics

A. Bashinov:
Plasma-Field Structures in Ultra-Relativistic Circularly Polarized Laser-Plasma Interactions due to Radiation


R. Li (Invited):
SIOM 10PW laser system development

S. Montant:
Phase-stabilized few-cycle optical parametric amplification in the mid-infrared with 10 μJ at 100 kHz

V. Yanovsky:
High-aspect-ratio Plasma Target for Raman Backscattering in Exawatt Laser Development



I. Will:
Scaling the pulse energy of CPA Thin Disk lasers to the Joule level







Session Chair

(Sep 17)

8:30 ~ 10:00

Regional Overview on Ultrahigh Intensity Lasers and Applications

G. Mourou

10:30 ~12:30

Laser acceleration

Cs. Toth

13:30 ~15:30

OPCPA-Based ultra intense lasers

C. Dorrer

16:00 ~18:15

Ultra Intense laser pulses

C. Hernandez-Gomez

(Sep 18)

8:30 ~ 10:00

Nd Glass based high energy Petawatt lasers

J. Qiao

10:30 ~11:30

Grating, stretcher and compressor modeling,  fabrication, and alignment

C. Le Blanc

13:30 ~15:45

Ti Sapphire based ultra intense lasers

G. Chériaux

16:15 ~ 18:00

Novel Technologies for Ultra-Intense Lasers

R.X. Li

18:00 ~ 19:00

Poster session I


(Sep 19)

8:30 ~ 10:00

Spatial, temporal, and contrast characterization

K. Osvay

10:30 ~12:30

Technology development for improving laser components

J. Crane

13 :30~15 :30

Novel Technologies for Ultra-Intense Lasers

R. Lopez-Martens

16:00 ~18:00

Attosecond science, Short wavelength sources, Plasma compression/ plasma optics


18:00 ~ 19:00

Poster session II


(Sep 20)

8:30 ~ 10:00

High average power laser

V. Bagnoud

10:30 ~12:30

IZEST Talk , Extreme Light Overview Talk, Applications with extreme light

C. Barty


Excursion to Histria


(Sep 21)

8:30 ~ 10:00

Laser development in Romania

T. Tajima

Poster session I: 18:15 ~ 19:15, Tuesday, 18 September

Press number: Abbreviation of first name, last name of the first author et. al, “paper title”
TP1: F. Nürnberg, “IR grade fused silica for high-power laser applications”
TP2: F. Elsmann, “Laser Damage Threshold of Optical Materials and Components for High Intensity Lasers”
TP3: J. Britten, “ARC Grating Statistics”
TP4: D. Hillier, “Contrast characterisation and enhancement on the Orion short pulse beamlines”
TP5: J. Qiao, “Uniform Illumination and Space-Charge–Broadening Calibration for Accurate Short-Pulse Measurement Using a High-Speed Streak Camera”
TP6: J. Phillips, “Spatial and temporal coherent phasing with a femtosecond laser for a mosaic of two beams”
TP7: E. Chowdhury, “Diagnostics for Pulse Characterization of 400 TW SCARLET Laser”
TP8: Y. Tang, “Novel Pulse Cleaning Technique for CPA High Power Lasers”
TP9: A. K. Sharma, “Simulation of a highly stable broadband optical parametric amplifier under pump depletion”
TP10: A. Cotel, “High Efficiency and High Damage Threshold Diffraction Gratings for Ultrashort Petawatt Pulse Compression”
TP11: Y. Gao, “Phase and spectrum control requirements of high intensity laser beam combining”
TP12: C. Brabetz, “Hollow Beam creation with continuous diffractive phase mask at PHELIX”
TP13: V. Samarkin, “Combined Adaptive Optical System for Wavefront Correction and Focus Optimisation in High Power Lasers”
TP14: A. K. Sharma, “Development of a tiled pulse compressor for 50 TW hybrid OPCPA based Nd:glass laser system”
TP15: A. Ricci, “Grism compressor for CEP-stable mJ-energy CPA lasers featuring bulk material stretcher”
TP16: V. Yanovsky, “Influence of amplified spontaneous emission on gain lifetime in high-aperture Ti:sapphire amplifiers”
TP17: N. Lefaudeux,  “Focal Spot Correction using Mechanical Deformable Mirror and Phase Retrieval Algorithm”

Poster session II: 18:15 ~ 19:15, Wednesday, 19 September

WP1: M. Nishiuchi, “Proton acceleration to 40 MeV using a high intensity, high contrast 200 TW Ti:Sapphire laser system”
WP2: A. Moorti, “Progress on experimental studies on laser-driven plasma based electron acceleration at RRCAT, India”
WP3: G. Chatterjee, “Spatio-Temporal Evolution of Megagauss Magnetic Fields in Intense Laser Matter Interactions Relevant to Fast Ignition”
WP4: J. Hein,  “MW Peak Power Diode-Pump Engines for Pulsed Solid-State Lasers with High Brightness”
WP5: E. Chowdhury, “Construction of SCARLET laser system for reaching beyond 10^(21) Wcm^(-2)”
WP6: K. Izuno, “Temperature dependence of the emission cross-section of Yb-doped ceramic materials from 298K to 393K”
WP7: C. P. João, “10 mJ diode-pumped Yb:KY(WO4)2 regenerative amplifier for optical parametric amplifier pumping”
WP8: F. Tinker, “Fabrication of Off-Axis Parabolas for Ultra-Intense Lasers”
WP9: V. Chvykov, “Optimization of the large aperture multi-pass amplifiers for CPA lasers by Extraction During Pumping (EDP)”
WP10: D. Ursescu, “Design of multi-PW non-linear Thomson scattering experiments”
WP11: K. Ishizaki, “Efficiency modeling of end-pumped CW quasi-three-level lasers”
WP12: P. Deb, “On mismatched spectral overlap in a Nd:glass regenerative amplifier for better temporal contrast”
WP13: P. K. Singh, “Observation of oscillations in the plasma critical surface”
WP14: M. Krishnamurthy, “A compact laser driven plasma accelerator for MeV energetic neutral atoms”
WP15: D. Ursescu, “Multiple ultrashort pulses generation and related experiments”
WP16: M. Kumar, “Terahertz generation by nonlinear mixing of laser pulses in a clustered gas”
WP17: K. Sueda, “Development of high intensity few-cycle laser”
WP18: C. Ciocarlan, “Electron beams generation by laser wakefield acceleration in tapered capillaries”



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